Ah, the final test
Sleep time is completely reversed?
At the same time, the fire that I wanted to paint while studying was also prosperous with the number of ranges.

1. Daklas intelligence army draft

12 armies affiliated with the armies of Piruto
Ah, it's childish setting.
On the left is the work of a neighboring neurotic student.
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2. One of the comics
Is an expression of Alaska’s fright
I have absolutely no perseverance in painting comics.
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3. Watercolor practice

No, it’s Luo Kesha.
Color is really a big obstacle to porridge porridge...
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4. Watercolor Exercise 2

A touch of a stroke, and then tangled for a long time to color orz
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5. Alaska and Carcass

Originally two brothers with good feelings
The final relationship is still broken.
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6. Marker practice

a Gastella
Mark time is really beautiful in the style of painting anime
But porridge doesn't know much, and it's expensive.
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7. Participate in the domain of twelve gods

I have been painting and I have been setting up, basically it is related to them.
Is a place called New World in the constant environment
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8. Knights of Antes

To put it bluntly, it is the Antichrist Knights
Because it is based on seven sins to draw and set
Subordinate to the invincible
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It's like this
After that, they are basically practicing painting people.
Ah, ah, the exam is coming to an end. I want to play the legend of Zelda.